Text Formatting

Redmine supports two syntaxes of formatting based on configuration:

  • ·      Textile (default)
  •          Markdown

Other side Redmine Outlook Add-In also supports different types of formatting, such as:

  • ·         Textile
  • ·         Markdown
  • ·         NotSet
  • ·         Simple Text
  • ·         Html

Important!  Please configure your Redmine with Redmine Outlook Add-In to correct display your Issue.

For the Redmine go to Administration Settings Text Formatting:

For the Redmine Outlook Add-In go to Redmine menu → Settings →Customize → Text Formatting:


You can use Redmine Shared Api plugin (https://github.com/ANovitsky/redmine_shared_api) to automatically detect selected in the Web version of the text formatting. Contact your Redmine admin or our support team for the installation.

To configure the add-in to use a HTML editor we suggest you install Ckeditor plugin (https://www.redmine.org/plugins/redmine-ckeditor).

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